Job Opportunities in Civil Engineering

Job Opportunities in Civil Engineering

Published 4 years ago

Wondering about pursuing career in Civil Engineering.

Before we begin with Job opportunities, let us know

What Civil Engineering is?

What a Civil Engineer do?

◆What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is the oldest and broadest of engineering discipline.

Civil engineering is everything you see that’s been built around us.

The civil engineering profession is concerned with the built environment. Civil engineers plan, design, and construct major facilities, including highways, transit systems, airports, dams, water and wastewater treatment systems, tunnels, energy facilities, buildings, and bridges. Civil engineers manage our air, water, and energy resources and protect society from natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, and the toxic hazards generated by society itself.

          Civil engineering is a fascinating and exciting profession because at the end of the day you can see the results of your work, whether this is a completed bridge, a high-rise building, a subway station, or a hydroelectric dam and it's also concerned with increasing living standard of society.

◆What A Civil Engineer Do?

•Civil engineers are basically involved in the design and building of highways, bridges and tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports and other buildings like Commercial & Residential etc.

•A civil engineer also carries various sustainability based works like sewage treatment system, water treatment facilities, waste material management plants.

•Various construction related activities like designing, planning and managing of large and small projects requires the help of a Civil engineer.

Civil engineer is not limited to these many activities only; he/she can do a lot more than design buildings and bridges. They can be found in the aerospace industry, designing jetliners and space stations, in the automotive industry, in the ship building industry, the power industry, and many other industries wherever constructed facilities are involved. And they plan and oversee the construction of these facilities as construction managers.

               Apart from these, a civil engineer not only requires a high standard of engineering knowledge but also supervisory and administrative skills.

◆JOB opportunities in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer follow similar trend as Mechanical Engineer.

Their are plethora of job opportunities waiting for a skilled Civil Engineer. The scope in this field is higher in coming future with advancement in world infrastructure.

Civil Engineering jobs are broadly divided in two categories-

(1) Construction.

(2) Design and Research


This involves major portion of Civil Engineering jobs, Civil engineer mostly works in building projects of Roads & Highways, Dams, Buildings etc. They also works in maintenance of big structure in big plants. It is considered a challenging job and includes execution of mega projects at different levels.

Although many skills are required for this type of engineering, skills in math and science are the most important.


Designing career in civil engineering requires excellent academic record and experience is important. This job is considered as one of the High profile job. Knowledge of civil engineering software such as AutoCAD, Stand Pro, AutoTum, and TopoCAD makes you more employable.

Mostly CAD software is used for Drawing and layout.

(CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. This is a type of software program used by designers and engineers to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of physical components)

Civil Engineers in this also work in analysis tools.

Their are some Research jobs but they are very few and specific in numbers, some of the most preferable among them are-

•Material Science



●Water resource management

●Computational Modeling

◆Civil Engineering JOB’s are divided among 3 Sectors-





Public sector is a lucrative career option for Civil engineers. The pay package of these type companies is also, good with other government facilities, the average package varies from 50-60k pm. Growth rate is linear in this sector. Most of the jobs are construction based and very few in Design and Research.

Most of the PSU recruit through GATE and some conduct their separate Entrance Test.

Most preferred PSU's are-

*Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

*National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

*Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

And many more.


Private sector is the major recruiter. They prefer to recruit directly from Campus and many small industries recruit through Advertisement and Consultancy.

Private jobs are high paying jobs, salary varies from low level 10-15k to high level 30-45k.Growth rate is linear for 10-15 years then becomes exponential after that. These Jobs are mostly based on construction and very few in Designs and none in Research.

Most preferred Industries are-

*Vedanta Group

*Larsen & Toubro

*Gammon India

*Jaypee Group


Govt. Sector offers many position to work around the country with job security and other benefits. Its offers a handsome amount of salary around 45-50k pm. Growth rate is linear. Most of the jobs are in Construction very few in Design and Research.

Preferably govt. sector recruit through GATE.

Some of the recognized and well established Govt. sectors are-

*Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

*Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

*Bhabha Atomic Research Center(BARC)

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) is also a good option recruits graduate as a Research Fellow.

However, Civil Engineers have relatively higher chances in Administrative services & Engineering services in Indian Govt. compared to other fields.

Some of the most favorable department in central government are-


*Central PWD

*Military Engineering services

*Central Boarder commission

*Boarder road organization, etc.

Also, some of the most preferred State Govt. departments are-

*State PWD


*Rural development

*Public Health & Services,etc.

Further, that’s not the only ways to start your career in civil engineering. Apart from these you have a very bright chances of becoming an Entrepreneur in construction business, for that Sky is the limit.

This field has a lot to offer. All we need to learn is how to make the most of it with the right kind of education and skills.

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