Introduction to Mechanical engineering

Introduction to Mechanical engineering

Published 4 years ago

Hi, how do you feel to make your imagination come to life? Yes, there is no limit to imagination and so is, no limit to Mechanical Engineering. Here is question then, what is Mechanical Engineering? It is the principles and problem solving techniques of engineering from need of product to its design to analysis and to manufacturing. It is one of the oldest and broadest branch of engineering disciplines.

What do mechanical engineer build…..?

They build everything which can be used by society in physical form, from Automobile to Aircraft, Ships to Spaceships from Bio medical devices to Home appliances and so on..

So, you got the point.

If you are passionate about real stuff you can grind your gears by Mechanical Engineering.

What do they study..?

This field requires an understanding of core concepts of Mechanics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Material Science, Structural Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics. They also use tools like CAD, FEA and CFD to design and develop Manufacturing plants, Industrial Equipment, aircrafts, automobile, medical devices and even weapons.

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