Degree vs Diploma

Degree vs Diploma

Published 4 years ago

Today, there are many options open in every field be it maths, bio, commerce or arts. So many of the students remain confused between degree and diploma. What is best between them? What are the scopes in degree what are the scopes in diploma? What is the difference between degree courses and diploma courses? This is what you are going to get in this article.

Basic difference between the both is that the minimum qualification required for degree courses is 12th pass and maximum diploma courses can be done after passing 10th standard.

Types of Degree courses:

  1. Undergraduate courses: Done after 12th.  Duration of these courses is 3 to 5 years.
  2. Post graduate courses or master’s courses: Done after graduation and their duration is of 2 to 3 years.
  3. Doctorate courses: Done after post-graduation and their duration is of 4years or above.

Types of Diploma courses:

  1. Graduate diplomas: These are of 1 to 2 years of duration
  2. Post-graduation diplomas: These are of 6 months to 2 years duration.

There is no diploma programme for doctorate courses.

Which means there is a major difference of time between degree and diploma.

Degree courses takes more time than diploma courses. And since it takes more time to complete a degree course, the fees is also comparatively higher be it in any field.

Diploma courses focuses more upon practical knowledge and degree courses focuses both on theoretical plus practical knowledge.


Every subject of the opted field is taught deeply in degree courses. But diploma courses are confined to their specialised field. Or we can say that diploma courses are more specialised than degree courses.

Job Opportunities:

If we talk about jobs, then here there is slight benefit for degree holders that they have a vast range of options. there are requirements for degree on many of the places so students are not biased to pursue the specialised field in their career. Govt sector, private sector many of the options are open for degree holders. 

But diploma holders get jobs mostly in their specialised fields. Which means there is a lack of job opportunities for diploma holders as compared to degree holders.

Pay scale:

Same thing comes in pay scale. We can not say there is a very big difference but generally the package of diploma holders stay a slight lower than degree holders.

If you ask what is best between the both then my answer will be they both are equally best at their own positions. Now what you choose depends upon your requirement. If you wish to finish your education faster or you don’t have enough money to spend on degree courses but you also wish to get educated then diploma will be the best choice for you. And if you have a very specialised field in your mind such as marine field, hotel management, interior designing then too diploma will do justice to you.

But if you want wide opportunities in your career, wish to study deeply in a field then you should go for degree.

Certificate Courses:

There is one more option other than degree and diploma that is certificate course. It is not much popular because there are not too many opportunities after that but basically if you want to learn a skill and wish to make your career in that skill then you should go for certificate course. Like the field of agriculture, fashion designing etc. these are 6months to max 1 year courses. There is no eligibility criteria. You just need to register, you will be provided with the knowledge of the field, you will be taught the skill, and on clearance of exam you will be provided with a certificate.

If we talk on the basis of specialisation in fields then the certificates are on the top then come diploma and then comes degree courses.

But if we talk on the basis of job opportunities then the first priority is given to degree holders then to diploma holders and then to certificate holders.

All three have their importance on their places. As the certificate holders can not have the knowledge equal to degree holders. The degree holders also cannot have the specialised skill as certificate holders.

So it will be wrong to underestimate any one of these.

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