Career in Commerce

Career in Commerce

Published 4 years ago

Thinking of opting commerce after 10th?So let's know more about this subject,let's start with its meaning what is commerce?

Commerce basically stand for interchange or exchange of goods and other commodities,but here while opting commerce as a subject you are going to learn the different aspects involved in trading and related activities.

For example in commerce you are going to read Business Studies,Economics and accountancy as a main subjects these subjects involve thorough knowledge of Trading world.

Starting with business studies in this Subject you are going to learn how a business is run and what are the key factors involve in Managing any kind of business activity.

In Economics you will be taught about-How different economic activities are followed like production,distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Here economics is divided in two parts- 1)Macroeconomics(This include regional national and global economics)

2)Microeconomics(This includes Key aspects involved at a smaller level of Individual,household or firm).

Accountancy involves recording classifying and reporting financial transactions of business.In which you will be taught different techniques and methods of maintaining records such as Ledger,trial balance,Balance sheets and other accounts.which are the different technique of accounting to ascertain the profit and loss and also finds out the financial position of the company.

Now the question arises why people opt commerce?

Usually one who want to go in Banking,Trading and Business field take commerce as a subject.Commerce open many other doors but these are the main reasons why people opt for it because Commerce deals with These particular activities.

After opting commerce you can go to your respective interested fields like travel and Hospitality depending on degree you choose.

Now let's see what are the academic courses you can get after 12th?

After 12th you can Go for A Degree courses and A Diploma in professional Course.

Degree Course is usually 3-4 years long conferred by A recognised University.

Professional courses are designed to target those who are in or about to enter the workforce in corporate,government and technology field.

After 12th Firstly Bachelor Degree course is done after that Master Degree.

Following degree course A commerce student can do :-

1.Bachelor of Commerce(

In this course you are being taught Basic commerce related subject like Business Management,Financial Accounting,Corporate Tax,Economics,Company Law,Auditing.Subjects are specialised according to the Courses you opted like is the most perused degree which involves intense and deep study of commerce) etc. After completion of Bachelor's one can go for M.COM.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

This Usually done by people who wants to do Masters in Business Administration(MBA)

This basically deals with Business related subjects.its a job oriented degree.

3. Bachelor of Economics(

 This covers Economic theory, Econometrics and applied Economics.After one can go for M.Eco which comprises of Economics based Training,this degree also offered as MS in economics,MA in economics, in economics.

4. Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance(B.A.F)

This degree provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Accountancy and Finance.After B.A.F one can advance his/her knowledge by doing M.A.F which is a career orienting in nature.

5. Bachelor in Banking and Insurance(B.B.I)

This provides thorough knowledge of Finance,Banking,Accounting,Insurance Law&Regulations.

M.B.I trains student to become an expert in Finance and Economics.

6. Bachelor of Financial market(B.F.M)

This course enables theoretical and practical knowledge of planning,organising,monitoring,directing and controlling the capital resources of an organisation/company in an efficient way.

M.F.M provided you to develop your knowledge in Stock market and Financial Market.

Now let's have a look at Some Reputed Professional courses:-

Chartered Accountant(CA)-

A 'CA' designation is granted by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India(ICAI),which is considered in one of the reputed institutes globallly.

After 12th one has to go through the following steps:-

1. Qualify CPT(Common Proficiency Test)

2. Intermediate or IPCC(integrated professional competence course)

3. He or she must went for a training period under A practising Chartered Accountant for a period of 3 years.

4. Final Examination.

Company Secretary (CS):-

According to a changed pattern one has to go through CSEET( Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test).After completion of 12th one is eligible to appear in CSEET.this exam is conducted bi-annually in June and December.this exam is have 3 level.

A CS deals with the legal activities of any busines and responsible to keep the records,give advice,file tax return and much more.

Certified Management Accountant(CMA):-

CMA is a professional certification in management accounting and financial management fields.CMA exam is organised in Four parts-

Business analysis,Management accounting,reporting and Strategic Management

Exam is conducted in 3 stages-

1. CMA Foundation.

2. CMA Intermediate.

3. CMA Final.

Now,let's have a look at merits and demerits of taking commerce as a subject:-


1)This stream offer a wide area of career options.

2)Commerce provide a better outlook towards economy and finance one who is interested in these then this subject is like boon for them.

3)Conceptual study of commerce always let's you score well in academics.


1)After opting commerce it's difficult to switch to Technical and scientific field.

2)lesser study of maths&science limits your scope of entering into advance technical departments like ISRO,DRDO etc.

3)Commerce is something which provides you totally different knowledge which you haven't studied till 10th So taking commerce is like starting again from ABC of commerce.

Hence,analyse yourself and your interest areas and choose subject wisely.

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