Career after B.Sc.

Career after B.Sc.

Published 4 years ago

Maximum students of science either wish to pursue engineering or medical. But what about the students who don’t want to pursue these fields but also wish to continue their studies in science. Which means they neither want to change the field and nor want to enter the professional courses. The course of B.Sc. is for those students only. Basically, it is a 3year degree course on completion of which you are called a science graduate.


 1.BSc plain or general and,

 2. honors.

BSc hons is a more specialised course than BSc plain.

Why B.Sc. Hons?

If you wish to study any of the mainstream science subject such as phy chem maths bio zoology etc in detail or if you are interested in subjects like economics, philosophy then you should go for BSc honors

Why B.Sc. plain?

But if you believe in a balanced and multidisciplinary approach which means if you don’t wish to study a specific subject deeply and wish to gain a balanced knowledge of every related subject then you should opt for general.

There are specifications under BSc general also. Like you can select a specialisation from IT, PCM, Industrial chemistry, Nursing, Agriculture etc.

B.Sc. plain vs B.Sc. Hons

In BSc hons the focus is on a specific subject but in BSc general the focus is on each related subject.

Generally, there is requirement of 45 to 50% or above marks for admission in BSc.

Here BSc means BSc hons plus BSc general.

Top 5 govt. colleges for BSc in India:

1. Indian Institute of Sciences

2. Hindu college, Delhi

3. Madras Christian college, Chennai

4. Government Science college, Gandhinagar

5. Loyola college, Chennai

And now comes the question that what is the benefit of opting BSc which is not in any other undergraduate courses? What eventually we all search for. Right?

I cannot say that BSc is different from any other undergraduate courses. Like if you will do any other course then too you will be called a graduate. But there are some things that you won’t get in any other field.

If you have been a science student then you surely know that science students are known for their discipline and that too because of many reasons, right? So, if you pursue science ahead in yiur career there will not be any lack of discipline in your life. And because you have been doing experiments in science, you will not stop experimenting in your life too. But these are just philosophical talks.

The main point comes now that what are the job prospects? Where can we find jobs? What should we do ahead?

Jobs after B.Sc:

So, after B.Sc. you have 3 ways,

  1. working in private sector
  2. working in government sector or,
  3.  going for higher studies.

Private sector jobs:

As a science graduate if you want to go in private sector, so you can work as a research scientist, scientific assistant, research analyst, teacher or chemist.

Government sector jobs:

The common govt jobs for graduates are open for B.Sc. students. like recruitment through UPSC, recruitment through SSC or railways.

But there are some specific jobs for BSc graduates in govt run companies or in organisations like DRDO, ISRO.

you can easily get a job after BSc, but the package will not be good enough. So, maximum students prefer doing pg after BSc. After which you will gain more knowledge as well as get a higher salary package.


The most opted pg course after BSc is MSc. Like BSc honors, there is also msc honours. But it is only integrated which means if you wish to do msc hons then you can only do the integrated course of 5 years that is BSc hons plus msc hons not individually msc hons.


And they both are almost similar because in msc too, there is a specialization of a subject.

The top institutes for doing msc are iits. There is an entrance exam named jam for taking admission in these institutes.

Other than msc, BSc students also prefer doing mca, that is master of computer applications. The best colleges for mca are known to be nits. The admission is through an entrance exam named nimcet.

If you wish to change your stream after BSc, then the options of common pg. courses like ma, mba, etc are also open.

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