5 things to do before an interview

5 things to do before an interview

Published a year ago

How to Start a Job Search in 5 Steps

One important key to success is self-confidence. It is crucial to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Another important aspect is preparation. Before starting any task or job, it is essential to adequately prepare yourself. In the context of boosting your self-confidence, there are five key things you should focus on:

  1. Resume: Your resume is the first medium of contact with an organization. It is important to make your resume impactful and concise. Keep it to a maximum of two pages. Arrange your academic details and work experience in reverse chronological order. Highlight any relevant training, skills, projects, or internships. Keep the hobbies and interests section brief and avoid making false claims.
  2. Profile update: Update your professional networking profiles like LinkedIn, Monster, or Naukri. Make sure to mention your achievements, roles, responsibilities, academic details, and relevant skills and training. Seek testimonials from bosses, colleagues, or professors to enhance your credibility. If necessary, consider taking a premium subscription to boost your job search and networking.
  3. Professional photograph: Invest in a good professional photograph for your profile. It may cost a bit more than a regular passport-size photo, but it will help you stand out when someone views your profile.
  4. Social media presence: Remove or hide any inappropriate content from your social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Organizations value their brand image and would like to see that reflected in their employees. Ensure that your online presence aligns with the professional image you want to convey.
  5. Build your network: Create a list of people you know who can directly or indirectly help you in your job search. Contact them and seek their assistance. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Expand your network by connecting with professionals on LinkedIn, joining relevant groups or pages, and staying updated on job opportunities in your field through newspapers or online platforms.
  6. Interview preparation: Be well-prepared for common interview questions such as "Tell me about yourself," "What are your strengths and weaknesses," and "What are your achievements?" Also, be ready to address any gaps or setbacks in your career. Justify them with honesty and confidence. Avoid lying or exaggerating your skills or experiences, as interviewers can easily detect falsehoods.

Remember, self-confidence and preparation go hand in hand. By focusing on these key areas, you can enhance your self-confidence and increase your chances of success in job interviews and career endeavors.

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